Nottingham Forest Betting

Nottingham Forest is a Premier League club based in Nottingham, England. The club was founded in 1865 and is one of the oldest football clubs in the world. The club plays in a red kit and has multiple nicknames, including the ‘tricky Trees’, the ‘Reds’ and the ‘Garibaldi’.

Nottingham Forest is owned by the founder and owner of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp, Evangelos Marinakis. Evangelos is also the owner of the Greek football club Olympiacos. They play their home matches at the City Ground, which has a capacity of around 30,000.

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History of Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest is one of the oldest clubs in the world and even competed in the FA Cup for the first time in the 1879-1880 season. Their first major trophy was the FA Cup in 1898.
The club had just one FA Cup and put in mediocre performances for many years. They gained their second trophy in 1959 but continued to be viewed as non-threatening. This was until the appointment of Brain Clough in 1975. Alongside assistant Peter Taylor they got Nottingham promoted into the First Division in 1977; they then won a double the following year by claiming a League title and winning a League Cup.

They retained the League Cup in 1979 and also, in the same year, won their first-ever European Cup. The next season they also won the European Cup, cementing themself as a dominant force in European football at that time.

Clough led Nottingham to two more League Cup trophies in 1989 and 1990 before eventually retiring in 1993. The club then fell back into mediocrity and was relegated to the championship. In 2022 however, Nottingham made their way back into the Premier League, where they currently remain.

Nottingham Forest Honours

Nottingham Forest is a very successful team that has won the following:

  • 1 English League title
  • 2 European Trophies
  • 1 UEFA Supercup 
  • 2 FA Cups
  • 4 English League Cups
  • 1 English Supercup
  • 3 English 2nd Tier League titles
  • 1 English 3rd Tier League title

Famous Players/Team Legends of Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest has had numerous famous players, including John Roberston, Stuart Pearce, Trevor Francis, Roy Keane, Peter Shilton and Des Walker.

Nottingham Forest Football Betting

Nottingham Forest is a very successful English football club that is also one of the oldest in Europe. They have won many European trophies, an achievement many few clubs have managed to pull off. Sports betting is also very popular amongst Nottingham Forest fans. However, if sports betting isn’t for you, then we here at online casino slots have a wide range of casino bonuses on offer today for you to check out.