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What are free slot games?

In comparison to the rest of casino history, especially traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, free online casino slots are a relatively new phenomena. As the name says, free casino slots are online casino games that are free to play and are readily available to be accessed by the public.

Despite what the name might suggest, free online casino slots encompass more than simple slot games, such as the iconic fruit slots that come to mind for many. In fact, a free online slot can be anything from the classic 3-slots and reel slots to video slots and bonus slots; from blackjack and roulette to video poker. The themes, bonuses, and other play features offered can be near limitless, so take the time to browse for one that you enjoy.

How to play free slots

The instructions on how to play each free online slot vary depending on what type of game you’re choosing to play and what provider you’re playing with. Of course, there will be some common ground throughout all games of online blackjack, for instance – but a game of blackjack designed by Microgaming will look and feel different compared to a game of blackjack designed by NetEnt, a game of poker by BetSoft different from one by Playtech – and so on.

Most free online slot games can be played without the need to download any files to your computer, laptop, or mobile. As the games are all free, there’s also no need to upload any card details, register a PayPal account or another e-wallet, or sign up via email and password.

The majority of basic free slot games simply require you to click on the spin button and watch the reels spin their fortune. As a disclaimer, if an online casino game is not loading, make sure you have Flash installed on your computer as this is required for most games to run.

The benefits of free slot games

There are many benefits to playing an online free casino slot. We’ll run through some of the best reasons why you should play below:

If you’re new to the experience

Online casino games can be intimidating for many if this is their first time gambling. Free slot games are great for beginners because they allow a sense of what online casino games are like, but without the threat of wasting or losing money. If players then decide they enjoy the experience and risk enough to put their money into actual casino games, then they can do so – if not, then the free online casino games will always be here!

Suitable for any budget

While the majority of paying casino games have a low minimum bet, this can quickly rack up and cost players more than they had anticipated – particularly if the player has an addictive personality or loves the thrill of the risk. A major perk of free online slot games is that there’s no money required, so they can be played by anyone regardless of money sitting in the bank.

More leisurely

There are some people that enjoy the repetitive clicking of the slot reels and the excitement of what the result will be, but don’t want the worry of whether they’re about to lose their money. Free casino slots get rid of this worry because there’s no money involved, making it perfect for the leisurely player that wants to kill some time – whether it be at home, at work, waiting for the kids, or commuting on the bus.

Quick and easy to start

Unlike traditional online casino games which require an account and the input of a bank of personal details to start, free casino slots are quick and easy to start. This makes them an ideal choice for those that are cautious about putting sensitive information such as card details online, as well as those that want to play in spare moments but don’t want the hassle of signing into an account every time.

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