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Getting your hands on a casino bonus is one of the best ways you can ensure that you get the most out of your money. Some casinos even offer no deposit bonuses. Casino bonuses represent free money availed through different forms and valid for various games

The level of work you put in is different from the amount of value you get in return, even though almost all online casino bonuses available out there are governed by several restrictions and terms. You get the opportunity to collect several bonuses, earning a significant amount, even if you chose to go with the casinos we consider to be the best after browsing through the list of offers on the page above.

Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses come in all shapes and forms. You will find a generous selection of bonus deals from each of our top-rated casino websites. Since each casino has its unique qualification process when it comes to their bonuses, be sure to check the terms and conditions of each deal claimed. The following is a description of the various forms of deals on offer as well as some of the main qualification requirements:

Bonuses On Reloads/Deposits

As a reward for making a deposit or reloading your account, deposit bonuses add to your available amount of playable funds. While some casinos offer these deals on each deposit made, some will only provide the this for first-time deposits only. The bonus offered is usually a percentage of the value of the deposit.

To illustrate this:
You receive a bonus of R4,000 once your R4,000 deposit clears if your chosen casino is offering a 100% bonus on deposits, capped at the same level.

The term “reload” bonus may is used to describe any deposits made after the initial deposit. These are the bonuses you qualify for after making the 2nd, 3rd deposits and so forth when refilling your account.

You should be aware of a few things: Remember to use free spins before they expire as they are usually valid on certain games, and for a given amount of time. In some cases, you might find that if you make a deposit a few months after joining a casino, you might not qualify for their deposit bonus if they have placed time limits in between different stages. The bonus may no longer be valid if you take too long to place a bet even after depositing the money within the bonus qualification period and securing the bonus initially.

Free Bets And/Or Free Spins

Most online casinos offer free bets or spins to members who satisfy specific requirements. Join, make a specified deposit amount, or put down a given amount on a bet – limited to a particular event in most cases; are some of the standard requirements you must meet to qualify for these deals. You can play the spins for free once when credited to your account.

To illustrate this:
* Join a casino website and earn (X) free spins to play as you wish. It would apply to a “(X) No Deposit Free Spins” offer.
*Make an R(X) deposit after joining a casino website and get (Y) free spins to play with the “Deposit R(X) Get (Y) Free Spins” offer.
*Get (X) free spins after putting down R(Y) on a bet with the “Stake R(Y) Get (X) Free Spins” offer.

You need to be aware of the following: You need to make sure that you use the free spins before they expire as they are only valid for a given amount of time, on certain games. Furthermore, you might miss out on the opportunity to earn the free spins if you take too long to deposit joining a casino as some platforms place a time limit in between different stages. The bonus validity period may run out if you take too long to place a bet even after making a deposit and securing the bonus in the first place.

Welcoming Packages/Bonuses

While the details around qualification tend to be quite unclear, welcome bonuses or packages usually offer huge bonuses with a high monetary value that, in most cases, goes into the tens of thousands of Rand. The final amount, as advertised, is usually calculated as a summation of numerous deals.

A simple illustration of this:
Four consecutive deposit bonuses can make up an “R (X) Welcome Bonus.”

*First Deposit: Rewarded by (Y) free spins at the plus a 100 % bonus
*Second Deposit: Rewarded by a 50% bonus
*Third Deposit: Rewarded by a 25% bonus
*Fourth Deposit: Rewarded by a 25% bonus

You need to be aware of the following: To get the bonus you will be required to use a code when making your deposits, as is the case with all deals. Since each deposit is a different offer, the minimum deposit amount may vary from one deposit to the next.

A Look At Wagering Requirements

Definition Of Wagering Requirements is the number of times you must put down a bonus on bets before it transforms into cash that you can withdraw; known as a wagering requirement. To illustrate this, consider a scenario in which the casino has a 30x wagering requirement. If you have R50 in bonus funds, you would need to place bets amounting to R1500 with the bonus before earning the right to withdraw any winnings drawn from it.

Importance Of Wagering Requirements To Casinos

All established service providers use wagering requirements placed on their deals to level the playing field for all participants. It not only protects members from others who might be trying to take advantage of the system but also safeguards the interests of the service providers.

Casinos, therefore, require members to place some bets before asking to make a withdrawal to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of earning some free cash.

A wagering requirement is a calculation that uses a multiple of your bonus.

You need to be aware of the following: Some games/events are not included, or will count for less, in the playthrough with some casinos. In roulette, for instance, bets covering a given portion of the board will not count at all whereas an R10 stake will only shave off R2 from the remaining wagering amount, in some casinos.