Slot Game Jargon Buster: Online Slots explained

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While slot games have only increased over the last few years and more people have now started playing them, many things about them can be new to players. Slot game jargon is even more tricky for newer players that don’t have prior experience of playing slot games and winning through them.

Indirectly, knowing about these jargonised terms will help players know about how the idea of slot games works. If players don’t understand these terms, they could struggle to play these slot games and eventually, they could lose interest. Some of these terms are very specific, and this slot game jargon buster will help players understand the exact meaning of these words.

This glossary can prove very handy for players, whenever they start playing slot games. So they should be sure to read this and figure out precisely what they’re doing.

  • 3-Reel – Each slot game has multiple reels on which symbols have to be combined. 3-reel refers to a situation in which slot games have three reels.
  • 5- reel – Three reel slots are slightly smaller and different. But 5-reel slots have a total of five reels, and they are a bit bigger and maybe, sometimes a bit more complicated as well.
  • All ways – Slot games have a certain number of paylines. Some slot games have ten or twenty paylines, while others have more and these are generally the more high-paying games. But All ways refers to a slot game in which paylines run from left to right and right to left as well.
  • Autospin – This feature is available on certain games. With this, players can automatically set reels to spin while they are playing.
  • AWP – This stands for Amusement with Prizes which describes slot games that are classical-themed, have fruit symbols and a retro look.
  • Bet – This is the deposit that players wager on a single spin on slot games.
  • Bonus Rounds – Many slot games have this feature. Bonus rounds can be activated through different ways and are ultimately extra features which help players earn more.
  • Branded slots – These are slots based on movies, tv shows and many things that are usually branded by the commercial world.
  • Cascading reels – This is a rare feature on some slot games where the reels filter combinations. The combinations disappear from the reels, and new symbols appear in place of them.
  • Coins – Coins are how players make bets on slot games.
  • Coin size – This refers to the number of coins wagered for the spins.
  • Classic – These are a category of slot games. As the name suggests, these are old-school games and have a classic theme with low paylines and perhaps, little rewards too.
  • Free-play or free-to-play – This is also a category of slot games, but players don’t have to pay money from their own pockets. Free play is generally used by players to understand the game before they go on to play the full or paid versions.
  • Free spins – Many slot games have the free spins feature which can be activated on games and allows players to make more spins without paying through coins.
  • Fruit machines – These slot games have the theme of fruits. The symbols have fruits, and the term is usually applicable for UK-based slot games.
  • Gamble – Some slot games have this option. Players can have the feature to double their winnings potentially, but there is also a chance of losing some percentage.
  • Icons – This is technically a synonym for the symbols on the slot games.
  • I- slot – This a type of slot game in which players can save their progress until a certain point and resume the game from that point later on.
  • Jackpot – This refers to the biggest possible win on the slot game. Not all games have this feature, but some have this lucrative option available.
  • Maximum bet – This refers to the highest possible wagering option for players and depends on the slot game. The values can vary from game to game.
  • Megabucks – This is a famous slot game which is well-known for the highest possible jackpot offer of $37 million. It is a very lucrative jackpot.
  • Multi-line – This refers to slot games which have multiple paylines.
  • Multi-way – This is an online betting system through which players can activate multiple paylines.
  • Nudge – This is a bonus option available on UK slot machines. Through this, players can shift reels up and down.
  • Payout – The winning reward for players by winning on the slot games.
  • Paytable – This refers to a table which has information about the rules of the games and options for winning rewards.
  • Penny slots – As the name suggests, these slot games involve pennies for players who prefer to play low-risk slot games.
  • Pick me – This is a bonus feature available on some slot games. Through this, players need to pick out specific symbols to win hidden bonus rewards.
  • Pokies – This is a term used in Australia or New Zealand for slot games or slot machines.
  • Random Number Generator – This is a program used on slot games that randomise spin results. RNG’s are routinely audited by third parties to ensure fairness.
  • RTP – This is also known as Return to Player. As the name suggests, this is the rate at which players can get paid on slot games.
  • Scatter – This is a type of symbol in slot games that pay bonuses for combinations.
  • Tumbling Reels – Another name for cascading reels
  • Video slots – This refers to slot games which have great animations and graphics on it.
  • Wild – This is a symbol on slot games which replaces the other symbols and helps win more significant rewards.
  • Wild multiplier – This feature helps in multiplying the rewards that players get wild symbols.
  • Win Both Ways – These are slots that awards players from both sides- left to right and right to left.