Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a variation on regular poker, in that it uses a 53 card deck instead of the standard 52, by including one of the Jokers that accompany the rest of the deck. 

What does the Joker do?

The Joker is a hugely important card. It acts as a ‘wildcard’, basically meaning that it can be any card that you want it to be. This can be hugely important in your hand, as it allows you to create much stronger hands if you are dealt the joker. 

For example, if you have 2 pairs and the joker, you are able to make the joker into one of these cards, leaving you with a pair and a three of a kind, also known as a full house, which is far less common than two pairs and thus will have a far greater payout.  

What are the differences between regular poker and joker poker?

Aside from the addition of the joker, there is one significant difference between regular five card poker and Joker poker. That difference is in the classification of hands. Rather than any pair counting as pairs, the lowest possible winning hand is a pair of jacks. This is due to the number of combinations available with the addition of the joker. 

The premise, however, remains the same. A player is dealt five cards to begin with, and must decide which, if any, he wishes to discard and replace. The aim of the game is to create the best hand with your five cards. 

Possible winning hands: 

Pairs of Jacks or better:

The most basic hand, Jacks or Better is simply one pair of cards that are either jacks or higher (Queens, Kings or Aces). 

Two Pairs:

Two pairs, unlike Jacks or Better, can be two pairs of any cards, regardless of value.

3 of a kind:  

Three of a kind, as the name suggests, is simply three of the same numbered card within your five card hand. 


A straight is having five cards in numerical order, regardless of suit. 


A flush is five cards of the same suit, but they do not have to be in numerical order.

Full House:

Combining two of the above hands, a full house is a pair and a three of a kind in the same hand. 

4 of a kind (Poker):

Even more unlikely, a four of a kind (also known as poker) is holding 4 of the same cards (in different suits) in your hand of 5. 

Straight Flush:

A straight flush is five cards of the same suit, in sequential numerical order.

Royal Flush:

The Royal Flush is the most difficult hand to achieve in poker, and the potential reward for achieving this in Joker Poker is huge. With the addition of the Joker, it is easier to attain than in other forms of poker, but still remains incredibly unlikely.


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